Our operative CRM system makes the sales processes within the company precisely trackable and controllable. It facilitates the management of customers, the assignment and prioritization of tasks, and contributes to full-scale customer data management.

The Business Navigator developed by us is a system that supports and verifies the entire work processes of a company's sales and salespeople. We therefore recommend our CRM system primarily to the attention of financial institutions that want to raise their customer management and internal communication processes to a professional level.

The system has three interfaces:

  • Desktop application : administration, campaign management
  • WEB application : touch and PC interface to support sales managers
  • Mobile application : support for the work of salespeople (native Android and Windows Phone operation also offline)

What questions does Business Navigator answer?

"The sales activity is not transparent"

The system monitors the work of the sales team/area (opportunities, meetings, contracts) in real time and provides an overview of this at any level of the hierarchy.

"The large sales network is underutilized"

In addition to sales campaigns, it is also possible to periodically or continuously issue, execute and check stock management tasks.

"The possibility of leaking customer data is a real problem"

In the system, it is possible to parameterize what customer data is available to the sales staff in a given campaign / task type.

"Customer data is scattered in several systems, issuing sales tasks is difficult."

Customer data for sales tasks can be collected from several source systems.

"Other CRM systems do not match our unique customer management methods."

During the survey, the operation of our system can be fully adapted to the company's needs.

"We want to measure the efficiency of our customer management and business dealing activities."

Load and performance indicators measured based on the completion of the assigned tasks help managers in their work.

In our constantly changing economic environment, it is strategically important to manage customer relations at a high level, efficiently, covering the details. To solve this task, Quattrosoft created the Business Navigator system: a high-quality, robust, easy-to-use tool to effectively support the sales processes of our partners.

The system broadly supports the complex tasks of customer management.

The efficient use of these functions and the difficult task of navigating between them is facilitated by the situation-sensitive help covering the entire system.

We develop and further develop Business Navigator, as well as customize it in accordance with our agile software development methodology.

As a result of the modular structure of the system, we can create a solution tailored to our partner, which adapts to the needs of the company in all aspects, and also includes the best practices carried by the boxed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, which shortens the implementation lead time. .

Our favorable licensing terms allow for a cost-effective system implementation.

A customer relationship management system works closely with existing systems: it must continuously access information from the basic systems and deliver it to the sales systems.

An easy and efficient solution to this is of utmost importance, so the most modern, asynchronous, message-based integration is provided by an independent module of the system, the Business Integration Module.

It accepts incoming electronic content, ensures AD / LDAP synchronization, and here it is possible to automatically control workflows based on rules, which can significantly reduce the administrative burden.

The Business Navigator application has a wide range of built-in integration capabilities for the company's existing basic IT infrastructure. The Integration Module of the BürOffice Platform facilitates the fulfillment of additional integration needs.

The main functions of the system are presented below.

Basic CRM

In the Basic CRM module, we can find the basic and interaction data of the customers, documents related to the customer, and this module provides a framework for the efficient use of the system.

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SFA (Sales Force Automation)

The SFA module supports sales to our existing and future (prospect) customers, guiding the user through the customizable sales process.

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Campaign Management

The Campaign Management subsystem effectively supports the creation of campaigns, target groups, the implementation of campaigns in various channels and the measurement and analysis of the success of campaigns.

The Campaign Management subsystem works in an integrated manner with the Basic CRM and SFA subsystems, ensuring full controllability of customer interactions.

The system ensures that parallel campaigns can be run, as well as the automatic, event-driven launch of campaigns.

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Data generated in the Business Navigator system - logging, user interactions, data changes, etc. – they can be extracted for further analysis or reports can be prepared in two suggested ways.

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