Our History



    We founded Quattrosoft Kft

    06.04.1996 - After operating as a limited partnership for 4 years, we decided in 1996 to change our legal form and operate as a limited company. We kept Quattrosoft as the company name.

    IQSoft cooperation

    01.09.1996 - We signed a start-up cooperation agreement with IQSoft, under which we participated in IQSoft's largest projects.



    Successful ISO 9001 certification

    24.06.1998 - After six months of preparation we successfully met the requirements and obtained the certification.



    We handed over the Hungarian visa system

    04.05.2001 - As a subcontractor of IQSoft, we have completed the Hungarian visa system, supporting the entire visa issuing workflow.



    We have handed over the Schengen visa system

    31.12.2004 - After a year of development, we have handed over the Schengen-compliant visa system.



    Launch of BürOffice

    In the spring of 2006, after a lot of discussion, we decided to develop a system that would enable companies to work efficiently across different business areas. From the very beginning, we were focused on managing processes and digital content in one place. This system became BürOffice.



    BürOffice implementation at E.ON

    After more than six months of work, E.ON has started using BürOffice in the customer service area.



    Certop certification

    On 08.04.2010 we obtained the Certop certificate for document management with BürOffice.

    BürOffice implementation at Allianz

    On 30.04.2010 we went live with the BürOffice system at Allianz Hungária Zrt.

    Business Navigator implementation at Allianz

    On 30.08.2010 the Business Navigator operational CRM system was launched at Allianz.




    30.07.2011 - From 2011, out of our commitment to athletics, we sponsor the annual Hungarian athletics competition, the Gyula Memorial.



    Introduction of BürOffice at Raiffeisen

    12.10.2013 - BürOffice is live at Raiffeisen Bank.



    Mobile CRM implementation at Allianz

    In November 2015, we successfully handed over the mobile CRM system to Allianz, which can be used by our employees on Android devices.

    BürOffice implementation at Generali

    On 17.12.2015 the BürOffice system was launched at Generali Zrt.



    ISO 27001 audit

    17.03.2017 - After 8 months of preparation, we successfully met the requirements and obtained the ISO27001 certification.



    Introduction of BürOffice at Student Loans

    On 02.04.2019 we went live with the BürOffice system at the Student Loan Centre Zrt.



    Management restructuring

    On 27.01.2020, we reshuffled the Quattrosoft management team and started 2020 with a renewed strategy and a new impetus.

    New operating model

    01.09.2020 We learned about an American corporate governance model and decided to implement it in Quattrosoft. This is the first step in a long 18-month process.



    Switch to EOS operation

    From 01.01.2021 we started operating under the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).



    Audax introduction

    After six months of work, Audax Renewables switched to BürOffice on 01.08.2023.