Digital Expert 


The IT organizations (Companies, IT departments or Startups) can develop high quality IT systems and can maintain these for many years. The implementation of the new business requirements or the modification of the infrastructure is part of the knowledge.

The knowledge can be transferred in 3 months and can double their production on a functional point basis.

The source of the increased productivity is the automated development workflows proposed by the methodology and the Java libraries provided with source code. This library gives a strong and high level service background based on open source projects but solve the integration of these libraries and concepts. After knowledge transfer there is no third party license fee you have to pay.

The applications are Java based application that can use standard databases and can be installed on any J2EE platform. The UI can be desktop, web or mobile. The great trick behind is that the code behind the UI is the same. So the library give you the ability to develop once and deploy to both desktop and web.

The scalability of the platform is extreme, the 99,99% availability can be achieved with adding more servers to the infrastructure.