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MoWoM CRM – CRM in tho mobile world

Nowadays sales activities require the employees to be on the road constantly, so using smart mobile devices is part of their routine. The next few questions help you answer whether there are such jobs at your company, what risks they pose and what challenges their support may hide.


“Do you have any sales colleague or subordinate who does not work from the office but is part of the internal sales processes and executes internal tasks?”

  • For example: participate in sales campaign, customer care / engagement, etc.

“Do the tasks involve contact and other information that can be obtained through the internal system only?”

  • Leaking such information poses substantial business risks.
  • Mobile colleagues or subordinates currently use these data to do their work, internal data get to the personal register in an uncontrolled manner (personal contact list, calendar).

“Does the subsequent, bulk administration of the onsite work pose any problems?”

  • Data obtained during the onsite work can be recorded only in the office most of the time.
  • We have some colleagues who are rarely in the "office" and scarcely have access to the internal infrastructure.
  • Sales Funnel is only up-to-date once in a month, when everybody records monthly data.

“Would you need to monitor the execution of tasks carried out by the mobile colleagues in a centralized manner?”

  • Date and time, duration and direction of calls, etc.
  • Appointments (calendar, location, opt-in/opt-out)
  • Status of tasks, completion status, etc.

“Would you need to distribute the tasks carried out by the mobile colleagues?”

  • Based on calendar, map or other criteria

“Does the direct channelling of mobile environments into your internal company infrastructure pose any risk?”

  • Data security, Accessibility of documents

“Is the implementation of the mobile strategy hindered by the introduction of dedicated mobile platforms to the internal systems?”

  • Every internal system may have a different integration platform.
  • The technology and platform of the given mobile solutions may be different.
  • Several mobile platforms (Android, Windows, iOS)

“Does measuring time expenditure poses an integration and organization problem?”

  • Time sheeting is spread across many systems, Excels, additional administration, not up-to-date.

What solution MoWoM CRM offers?

MoWoM CRM (Mobil Workforce Management for CRM systems) approaches the implementation of tasks from the point of the possibilities and devices of mobile working.

Native application to utilize the special capabilities of mobile platforms

  • Android (4.1+)
  • Windows (10 - UWP)
  • iOS (under development)

Taking into consideration the limits of mobile devices

  • Minimal and comprehensive data content matching the complexity of the given task
  • Simple operations with pre-filled data content
  • Offline operation
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Low data distribution

Mobile security

  • Data in connection with the given task (client, contract, etc.) stay within the closed application
  • Encrypted local database
  • User authentication

Option to use the capabilities of the mobile device


  • Initiate and answer calls
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • E-mail management

Using notification centre

  • New/changed task
  • Calendar entry notification


  • Office hours timetable
  • Tasks

Using geolocation data

  • Implementing operations connected to location
  • Managing the current location of colleagues

Camera usage

  • Recording and sending documents
  • Taking onsite photos (for example at an inspection)
  • Identification based on bar code and QR code, data and document access

Time sheeting

  • Start / stop activity based on user context