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Business Navigator Operational CRM

Our operational CRM system provides a possibility for an accurate and traceable control of the sales processes within the company.

It makes it easy to manage customers, to allocate tasks and to prioritize, and it also contributes to a comprehensive customer data management.

The Business Navigator developed by our company is a system which supports a company’s overall work processes related to sales and sales agents, and makes those controllable.

We therefore recommend our CRM system particularly to those financial institutions which wish to raise their customer service and internal communication processes to a professional level.

The system has three interfaces:

  • Desktop application: administration, campaign management
  • WEB application: touch and PC-based interface to support sales managers
  • Mobile application: support provided to the work of sales agents (native Android and Windows Phone operation offline as well)

What kind of solution does the Business Navigator offer?

“Is there a lack of transparency in the sales activity?”

  • The system monitors the work of the sales team/area (opportunities, meetings, transactions) in real time and provides an overview of it at any level of the hierarchy.

“Is the large sales network underexploited?”

  • In addition to marketing campaigns, there is also a possibility to issue, execute and control periodic or continuous stock-care tasks as well.

“Is the possibility of leakage of customer data a real problem?”

  • The system allows to configure which customer data shall be made available to the sales staff in a specific campaign/task type.

“The customer data are scattered across several systems, issuing sales tasks is uneasy.”

  • Customer data for sales tasks can be retrieved from several resource systems.

“Our customised customer management methodology does not match other CRM systems.”

  • When making the assessment our system can be tuned to perfectly match the corporate needs.

“We would like to measure the effectiveness of our customer management and sales representation activities.”

  • The load and performance indicators measured based on the performance of the assigned tasks provide support in the work carried out by managers.

In the ever-changing economic environment, a high-level, efficient and detail-oriented management of customer relationships is of strategic importance. In order to solve this problem, Quattrosoft has created the Business Navigator system - a high quality and robust tool which can be effectively utilised to support our Partners’ sales processes.

The system ensures a comprehensive support to the complex tasks of customer management.

A context-sensitive help feature that covers the entire system facilitates an effective use of these features, helping in the difficult task of navigating among them.

The development of and further improvements made to the Business Navigator, as well as its customization are performed in line with our agile software development methodology.

Due to the modular design of the system, our Partners can receive customised solutions set up to adapt, in every aspect, to the company's needs and which also contain the best practices carried by the box CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems which shorten the lead time of the installation.

Our advantageous licensing conditions allow for a cost-effective introduction of the system.

A customer relationship management system closely works with the existing systems: it must continuously access the information from the basic systems and forward it to the sales system.

It’s easy and efficient solution is a top priority, thus the most advanced, asynchronous, message-based integration is provided by the system’s independent module, the Business Integration Module.

It receives the incoming electronic content, provides the AD/LDAP synchronization, and here there is a possibility for a rule-based automatic control of the workflow, which can significantly reduce the administrative burden.

The Business Navigator application has a wide range of built-in integration capabilities for the company's existing basic IT infrastructure. The BürOffice Platform Integration Module can meet any additional integration related demands.

Below we present the system’s main functions grouped according to the main modules.

Basic CRM

  • The Basic CRM module contains customers’ basic and interaction information, as well as customer’s related documents. Also, this module provides the framework for an efficient use of the system.

Customer Data Management Comprehensive customer data management: entering new customers or reversal of potential ones, modifying existing customers, search, recording or amending additional data, etc.

Contact Management All interactions related to customers; management and logging of data modification. All changes can be traced back to help liaison with the customers: outbound, inbound calls, data changes, sales, cancellations, customer-related tasks, etc.

Management of Customer-Related Documents Scanned document images and electronic documents (eg. e-mail, attaching Word/Excel when sending a message to the customer).

If necessary, any document can be temporarily made available to the customer (eg. the Contract), for example, for the stock-care task.

Task Management Comprehensive rights-based task management. There is a possibility to create, distribute, delegate, modify, etc. tasks. The load and performance indicators measured on the basis of assigned tasks and their performance can help managers to facilitate efficient organization of their work.

Calendar A calendar view of events and/or tasks linked to the user or customer. The content of the calendar can be synchronized with the Microsoft Exchange calendar.

Managers can see their colleagues’ calendars, thus they can monitor the developments related to the planned weekly/monthly number of meetings in real time.

The Business Navigator supports the management of mentoring meetings and handles other dates and annual leaves, thus the Call Center can fix a meeting, for example, in the territorially competent sales agent’s calendar in such a way that it makes sure the agent is available for it and ensuring that it does not interfere with anything else.

SFA (Sales Force Automation)

  • The SFA module supports sales to our existing and prospective customers, taking the user through a customized sales process.

Lead & Opportunity Management Lead generating opportunities - based on customer interactions, automatically or manually - and the launched sales process up to the sales.

Products and Offers The company’s product and service portfolio/catalogue with the descriptions, details of products/offers and rights associated with saleability.

Integrated Task Management and Workflow Basic CRM and SFA specific task management: lead generation, lead hand, negotiation process, etc.

Sales by Skipping When engaged in sales activities, ensuring skipping into the background system that is dependent from the product to be sold. When engaged in sales activities involving multiple background systems (eg.: cross sales), starting workflows and ensuring multiple skips.

Forecasts and Analyses Control and monitoring of possible outcomes of commenced sales processes. Collection of information related to the work of sales agents.

Knowledge Base Collection of materials related to sales - sales scripts, brochures, case studies and other auxiliary materials.

Campaign Management

  • The Campaign Management subsystem is effective in supporting the creation of campaigns and target groups, implementation of campaigns in different channels as well as in measuring and analysing the success of campaigns.

  • The Campaign Management subsystem is integrated with the Basic CRM and SFA subsystems, ensuring full control of interactions with the customers.

  • The system provides for running simultaneous campaigns, as well as for launching automatic, event-driven campaigns.

Target Group Management Taking over target groups from the analytical system. Optionally, there is a possibility for a target group training within the Campaign Management System based on the available customer data, customer attributes and the data of the customers’ products.

Channel Management The Campaign Management System can be integrated with the communication channels, thus establishing even a two-way connection. The system is able to handle SMS messages sent and received via e-mail channels, combined telephone calls and systems managing DM letters (eg.: IVR, Call Center, Print Shop, TCT, Maileon). It can be expanded, as needed, in the direction of other media, such as online advertising campaigns.

Customer Service Monitoring One of the main communication channels towards customers is the Customer Service. Interactions of customers who contact the Customer Service are monitored also by the Campaign Management and are connected to the campaigns.

Product Reviews Management of list-based product reviews and prioritization. Throughout the sales process the list is “in sight” and can be used at any time.

Creating and Running Campaigns Creating and running campaigns. Campaigns can be run in a scheduled way and in a programme as well.

Campaign Monitoring When running campaigns, based on customer feedback, the system connects individual interactions, making thereby a campaign's success measurable.

Automated, Event-Driven Campaigns It is possible to run automatically defined campaigns based on timing or at occurrence of an event specified in other rules.

Analytic Database Loading Provides an interface to all data associated with the campaigns on which analysis can be performed. The Business Navigator collects the data necessary for the analysis and tracking from the system as a whole in accordance with the established procedures.


  • The data generated in the Business Navigator system - logging, user interaction, data changes, etc. - can be obtained by two proposed means for further analysis, or reports can be made.

Quick Reports In case of normal operation, it is not recommended to burden the operating system by running queries. However, obtaining certain important information which assists the daily operation and making a report is essential.

Queries can be made also within the Business Navigator CRM system, directly from the interface. They can be compiled on demand, while the existing ones can be adapted. Queries can be exported in Excel format as well.

DWH Data Transfers, Data Exports For data mining and/or analytical work there is a need for a large amount of data located in the CRM system, selected by raw data or in line with a certain principle. It is advisable to carry out large-scale data analyses outside (independently) of the operating system, using special analysis tools.