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BürOffice Digital Platform

With the BürOffice Digital Platform, you can take a step towards a paperless office. It helps to make all the documents traceable, to perform the tasks more efficiently and to observe the deadlines.

The BürOffice platform developed by our company is capable of handling both electronic and paper-based documents and to monitor the life cycle of these documents at the given company. The BürOffice has been designed in such a way that several  even thousands of  people can use it efficiently and reliably during their daily work.

What kind of solution does the BürOffice offer?

We would like to avoid having to pay an administrative fine for failure to comply with the laws.

The BürOffice monitors compliance with the deadlines and as they are approaching sends multi-level alarms.

  • Too much labour is required for paper-based administration. This is something we would like to change in the future.

With the BürOffice the company’s administrative processes become more simplified and standardized, which opens the way for growth without expanding the labour force.

  • It is difficult – often impossible – to keep certain work processes under control.

The BürOffice makes it possible to link individual tasks to individual staff members, allowing to keep the workflow under control.

  • Moving documents among the various business premises of the company is both time- and money consuming (due to the postage costs).

One of the great advantages of the electronic document management is that it simplifies the transmission and handling of documents.

  • Substitutions are difficult to resolve, as reassigning tasks and the associated documents is time-consuming (even within the company).

It is possible to make documents available to several staff members at the same time.

  • We would like to link paper-based and electronic documents but do not know what the most efficient way is to do so.

The BürOffice uses bar code-based solutions to support linking paper-based and electronic documents.

  • It is impossible to follow who is engaged in what activity, when and for how long.

The BürOffice makes the activity of each employee measurable, as a result of which it becomes possible to identify and correct the bottlenecks.

  • The system, as a general digital business platform, is often installed in an environment where there is already a single document storage system in place. For handling certain electronic documents during the operation, the BürOffice makes it possible to use several existing background systems.

Since the BürOffice is a modular system, the modules necessary for the introduction can be chosen by selection. As a result, the new system can fully match your company’s needs and workflows.

The BürOffice also enables the combination of several document management methods:

  • Exclusively paper-based document management where data required for the registry and administration is stored electronically.
  • Parallel management of paper-based and electronic documents:
    • E-mail
    • Electronic data carriers
    • Mail coming from the portal
  • Comprehensive electronic administration performed based on document images made of physical documents, which eliminates the labour-intensive movement of paper-based documents.

In the comprehensive digital administration process the scanning of documents can be performed in several locations. Efficient work is supported by barcode-based solutions.

For the management of a large quantity of document images, adapted document digitizing and document management tools are made available.

The document image based operation enables the control of document management and administrative tasks in job queues, where the administrators with similar competence assigned to the job queues receive these through a direct or a rule-based assignment.

Traditional and job queue based document management and administration can be combined in any way. In addition to the usual document-document links, the BürOffice enables the creation of virtual folders compiled from any documents. A document can be stored in several folders; it may be assigned manually, or in more important cases, automatically as well.

The message sending service within the system supports communication among the staff members. The notification group management function which can be combined with an optional e-mail sending function, supports the administrative process, enabling contact also with people outside of the BürOffice where the decision relating to the given question may be recorded in a simple way.

The BürOffice ensures the automatic control of special administrative processes based on predefined steps. This is achieved through its integrated functionality and standard extension possibilities – integration of own or external workflow control engine and of other administrative systems.

The BürOffice application offers a wide range of integrated capabilities for your company’s existing basic IT infrastructure. The BürOffice’s Integration Module facilitates the satisfaction of additional integration related demands.


The following are the main characteristics of the BürOffice:

Barcode management

The use of barcodes is one of the most effective methods of connecting paper-based documents with data stored in the system:

  • Document search
  • Recording handover
  • Selecting from document lists

The manual bar code reader can thus become a fast and accurate control tool of the BürOffice.

Job queue based administration

The BürOffice supports the setting up of administrators' competence groups and, through these, the organization of document management and administrative processes.

The tasks in the job queue can be assigned to staff members automatically or manually.

Group operations

Joint operations can be carried out on documents and mail with the same status simultaneously.

Priority management

Task management includes a complex priority system in which the priority of the task not carried out grows day by day.

New tasks can be arranged - manually or, taking several criteria into account automatically - into priority categories which influence the rate of growth.


The BürOffice offers the possibility to extend capture screens based on any preferred settings, enabling the recording and management of specific data related to specific administrative processes, jointly with the general data used in document management.

The extension of various virtual folders with specific data ensures particularly efficient data management.

Document image based administration

Job queue management and supporting separate document image and physical document paths enables, similarly to e-mail management, the document image based administration of paper based documents received by mail, that is, administration does not necessarily require the migration of paper documents.

The basic configuration of the BürOffice contains the necessary job queues and rules relating to the incoming document images and e-mails.

Task list

The current tasks of the BürOffice user are automatically displayed in their personal job basket, showing the priority and the deadline.

Clicking on the task will immediately display the relevant administrator screen.

The use of a single task interface accelerates work and reduces the training time.

Folder management

In addition to the usual document-document links, the BürOffice enables the creation of virtual folders compiled from any documents.

A document may be stored in several folders; it may be assigned manually, or in more important cases, automatically as well.

Notifications instead of e-mails

Instead of emailing, the BürOffice offers management of notifications. Thus, instead of reading e-mails, we can check a specific task if the requested opinions related to it have arrived.

The system also manages e-mail-based notifications and replies sent to external users.

Template based editing of outgoing documents

The integrated editor inserts the referenced characteristics of the addressee and document into the template.

When filing documents, the outgoing documents in PDF can contain a barcode or, in line with the rules, a scanned signature.

When using windowed envelopes, the printed barcode is suitable for identifying the mail.

This enables substantial savings in document storage, logistics and labour costs.

Reviewing of documents

The BürOffice supports the reviewing of documents by several participants using Microsoft Word.

This feature is available in Word 2007 onwards, and works also in the most recent version of Word.


The BürOffice provides information to the managers about colleagues’ workload, which enables them to intervene in the workload distribution.

The Dashboard provides for a dynamic management of resource allocation, which helps to equalize the workload in the job queues.