Digital Expert 

BürOffice Digital Platform


With the BürOffice Digital Platform, you can take a step towards a paperless office. It helps to make all the documents traceable, to perform the tasks more efficiently and to observe the deadlines.

The BürOffice has been designed in such a way that even thousands of people can use it efficiently and reliably during their daily work.

Business Navigator Operational CRM

Business NAvigatorOur operational CRM system provides a possibility for an accurate and traceable control of the sales processes within the company.

It makes it easy to manage customers, to allocate tasks and to prioritize, and it also contributes to a comprehensive customer data management.



Nowadays sales activities require the employees to be on the road constantly, so using smart mobile devices is part of their routine. The next few questions help you answer whether there are such jobs at your company, what risks they pose and what challenges their support may hide.


TechnologyThe IT technology applied by Quattrosoft is a collection of instructions and tools forming a consistent toolset.

It guarantees the good, in budget delivery of the IT systems concentrating on the business needs instead of the IT problems.